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Chick Survey Results!

According to reports from Daniel Chen, you should avoid the general tien mou area (particularly the immediate surroundings of TAS) as the chick density (referred to as C.D from now on) there is extremely low. Reports from benbry, who has a summer job at SINICA, astrophysics department(full of illegal software), show that the C.D on the MRT is quite high at "prime time", which is around 4:00 PM. At Shihpai and Chientan stations. An anonymous, random person on a public bus whom dan chen and benbry met, revealed that the C.D at 淡水 is very high. This theory has yet to be proven as I personally have been to 淡水 several times but have not observed the C.D level that he had described. As for my personal findings, prospective chick seekers should definitely steer clear of 南港 and 汐止. The C.D's at Warner Village and New York New York (which are near the Taipei City Hall) are very high. Go there Saturday nights around 6:00-8:00 PM and you will not be disappointed at all. It is still high at other times, but from my personal experiences, 6 to 8 pm is HIGH KIT. Another popular area for teenagers is 西門町. Theoretically, it should be high there. Alex Huang, Dan Chen, Benbry, James, Victor Lu, and I have had an "outing" there before. Danchen benbry and I have agreed that the C.D there is UNACCEPTABLY LOW. However, Dan Chen has asserted that it has the potential to be high at other times, other days of the week. Because of his past accurate judgments and reports, we will trust his belief. Another area that should be avoided at all times is the Costco area..which is basically 南港. Costco is ok actually..mediocre. 大潤發 (next to Costco), is TERRIBLE.

Unfortunately, at this point, due to the current immature nature of the chick forecasting system, we will be unable to provide accurate and reliable predictions without further research and statistics. Volunteers to help survey will be appreciated.

Final comment: Rumor has it that 私立華岡藝術學校 , as well as central and southern taiwan, are nice places for "sightseeing" heheh! :)

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