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Jason Pan

You may have already heard the news recently about a dangerous computer virus named "Code Red" and its successor "Code Red II." The second virus, released a few days after the first, was even more destructive than the first, causing major slowdowns in Internet connections worldwide, as many users have complained about. In general, this virus outbreak was extremely offensive and the rate at which it was spread out was simply astounding. Given the difference between the two generations of the virus, the speed of its evolution was scary.

Fortunately, the incriminating individual responsible for the viruses and their malignant effects will not escape the law for long. With the help of explicit and concrete evidence, we have identified the author of both viruses to be a teenage boy by the name of Jason Pan, who is our friend. This discovery initially shocked us, for Jason was a seemingly innocent boy who was not known for conducting acts of mischief of this scale ever before. Various clues given by Jason himself (whether or not deliberately is not known) led us to believe that he was involved in a major project. As described by Daniel Chu, during a telephone conversation of which duration was approximately 1 hour long, Jason spent a significant amount of time talking about his sophisticated computer equipment and software. Maintaining a suspicious attitude, he asserted that he was "working on something big," something that could possibly "affect the whole world." Further questioning on his project yielded no results, as Jason refused to reveal any specific details. Judging from Jason's extremely mysterious manner, Daniel Chu assumed that the reason for Jason's behavior was probably because he had malicious intents and that his work was quite possibly of a harmful nature.

Later induction and reasoning, based on the fact that Jason had acute knowledge and plentiful experience with Win32 and C programming, we developed the thesis that Jason Pan was compiling a virus. Only days later, news of Code Red and Code Red II began streaming in. Using Websnarf, the binary code was captured and Jason's signature code was revealed. This was the most important factor that led us to conclude that Jason was in fact the author of Code Red. Perhaps it was just meant to be a joke, but the results of his actions were definitely not positive.

As of today, Jason has not yet been reported to the authorities due to the compassion we felt for him. However, it is just a matter of time before Justice finds its way to Jason. Fortunately, because he is not yet 18, he will probably just spend some time in juvenile...As for us, all we have to say is that it wasn't funny at all, and hope he learned his lesson.

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