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Hello, this is amdrew. If you have visited Daniel Chu's homepage before, you may have noticed a degree of similarity here. I was amazed at the simplicity of his site so I decided to imitate his format. Ok, I admit that my designing skills are inferior to everyone else's and that I don't want to spend time creating web pages. Well, it's the twenty first century and this is the era when we pursue efficiency and speed. I think this kind of site is all you will need for introducing yourself, not a entire domain name like a certain individual from our school had bought.

If you have time, check out the Phylin' Kowz of Mo5kow rc5 stats at I don't want to explain what rc5 is. We're already doing well according to members like Daniel Chen, Alex Huang, and Daniel Chu. But if you're interested, you can join the team as well. This is a lan page lah.

So what is the group known as flying cows doing now? Rc5 is just a really minor activity that we do lah. Our major accomplishments are in the activity of swa fei. We get a lot of crazy ideas (which are equal to good ideas) mostly from Daniel Chen. Locals are good, wonder why it took us until now to figure out. The rest of the TAS community seems to still neglect that fact, but they're gradually learning. Me...I still need to get a local bag and everything. flying cows also play badminton. I'm lanren. Right now I just swim kit to exercise. In honor of mankit li, we often add "kit" after verbs and some adjectives. So swim= swim kit, swang(n)=swang kit.. it can sometimes be written as swang jie. Almost always verbally said as swang jie.

hehe, super random...

Recently for some reason, Daniel Chu (will be often referred to as "benbry" from now on) started liking the taiwanese group 4 in Love. About around half a year ago, when 4 in Love released their first album (Fall in Love), they were immediately dismissed by my friends and God, such as Daniel Chu and Mankit being a typical sucky group. I tried to hint that they weren't that bad. I refrained from explicitly expressing that thought because I might seem like having bad taste, as a badminton freak called Victor Lu aka "Victorious Luser" (se muo lan oxymoron ah) is always accusing me of having. Therefore, I secretly downloaded and listened to some of their songs. Actually, this is something really common. We often first mong diss new singers, then we praise them after we actually hear their songs. Sounds funny, right? Anyway...4 in benbry (danchu), my favorite 2 are cloudie and rainie I'm using benbry's links here. IMO, I don't think the pics look that good. I'll go find some more later. I would rate cloudie and rainie (when they're in good pics) around 7.5. JAMES ...say "no way!!(referring to rainie) 10"

pop...cpop best. william so, jacky c.., yanzi, many more, all cool. A few years ago I also listened to bai pop but somehow gradually didn't like it that much anymore. Stopped keeping up since around 9th grade.

I have a few comments about the Chick Density thing that benbry mentioned in his webpage. Benbry is not a very active chick surveyor. He doesn't report his findings, neither does he actually count how many chicks he encounters in a given area. Daniel Chen, on the other hand, takes organized notes and tallies how many he encounters. The extent of his fervor for chick surveying is quite remarkable. During the first few days, he went out and just stood at chungcheng rd, tien mou E. rd, Eslite, tien mou sports park to record.
Interested in the results?? Click here NOW!!!.

We have reason to suspect that a classmate of mine by the name of Jason Pan is up to no good.
If really guilty, he could be in serious trouble, as the damage already caused is massive.
Click here for details.

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